How to say, count the number in VietNamese

Saying the numbers in VietNamese is so simple. The numbers 1 to 10 are the best simple thing to learn. Now i will show you how to say and write the numbers in VietNamese.

From 1 to 10:

1 – one – một

2 – hai

3 – ba

4 – bốn

5 – năm

6 – sáu

7 – bảy or bẩy are both ok.

8 – tám

9 – chín

10 – mười.

the number which greater than 10:

11 – mười một

12 – mười hai

13 – mười ba

14 – mười bốn

15 – mười lăm.

And slimar to 19 – mười chín.

20 – hai mươi

21 – hai mươi mốt or shorter (common): hai mốt

22 – hai mươi hai or hai hai

and similar to 99: chín mươi chín or chín chín.

100 – Một trăm

200 – hai trăm

and similar

101 – một trăm linh một or một trăm lẻ một

102 – một trăm linh hai or một trăm lẻ 2

201 – hai trăm linh một

How to type VietNamese on computer

Hi every one who is interested in VietNamese, today i will tell you how to write true VietNamese on your computer uses windows system.

typing Vietnamese

First, to type VietNamese with your keyboard on your computer, the best way for you is intalling a software which help you on typing VietNamese characters. Now i will introduce you a free software which most VietNamese people use to type VietNamese in Viet Nam.

There are 2 common softwares help you to type VietNamese are: VietKey and Unikey. Both are good. But most people prefer unikey, and it is installed on most computer in Viet Nam.

About VietNamese typing software:

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